I just spent the night in the Hotel zur Goldenen Sonne and discovered on arrival yesterday that it has existed as a pub or inn since the 15th century and was also a place the Bach family held their famous reunions. Sitting at breakfast this morning I wondered whether the layout of the rooms had changed much and tried to re-imagine the place in early 18th century style. I chatted to the owner, whose great grandfather bought the building at the beginning of the 20th century, and was taken through the changes that the building had undergone over the centuries. Fun fact: 300+ years ago ground tax for buildings was calculated not according to how much land they covered but according to how wide they were; what is now one building was originally 3 buildings, because this was cheaper in tax terms. The breakfast/restaurant rooms sport a wonderful collection of very old photographs so it’s possible to see how, for instance, the entrance to the hotel and the passage for vehicles into the courtyard at the back have been moved around. Felling very “Bachian” this morning 😉