Gewandhaus Braunschweig
thunderous sky over Braunschweig
Alte Waage Braunschweig

The journey to Braunschweig was very very wet. Braunschweig’s old town is quite pretty though, and the sun came out for a bit when I arrived, interspersed with torrential showers (see the second image).

The cathedral is beautiful and has a phenomenal acoustic. It was lovely to play for actual people as well, as the church was open to the public during the stream and some people sat and listened, while others walked around. 

A relation of Bach’s, Johann Stephan Bach, was Kantor at the cathedral when JS passed through, so it was exciting to imagine that Bach might indeed have seen the inside of the cathedral and the very place from which I performed his music (first image at the bottom).

I also wonder if Bach felt as tired as I did when I got here. Braunschweig is over half way to Lüneburg, I’d cycled 229km by the time I got here and was feeling it. 


Cathedral Braunschweig
Cathedral Braunschweig side apsis