church in Hankensbüttel
heather outside Hnakensbüttel
Bokeler Heide

It’s not clear which route Bach might have taken from Braunschweig to Ebstorf. One route, the one I chose, follows the old trade route that joined the cities of the Hanseatic League, and passes through Hankensbüttel, which was a convenient place for me to spend the night. 

If Bach passed though Hankensbüttel, he won’t have seen the very pretty village church, as it was only built in 1700, and surely wasn’t finished by the end of March of that year, the point in time at which Bach was on his journey.

Bach will also neither have seen nor smelled the heather, which was absolutely divine and brightened up an otherwise pretty overcast and drizzly journey. I believe there are many beautiful hikes to be had in these parts, judging from what I’ve seen as I travelled.