elevation profile of the cycle trip
garden at the foot of the mountains in Zorge

This leg of the journey was incredibly tough.

Apparently there were no scenic cycle routes, so most of the time I was on the road, which was tiring because of the traffic. Although on the elevation profile it’s the first 15km which look the most daunting – and I did indeed have to push the bike for a bit at one point – it was actually the last 15km which were the absolute killer. As I got closer to the Harz mountains, there was not much joy in getting up to speed going downhill as there were significantly more and longer uphill than downhill bits.

The view from my window when I got to Zorge (which boasts a Scotch distillery) sort of made up for it, but generally I wasn’t enthusiasitc about the journey. I think there are great cycle trips to be made around here, but I was sticking to what Bach probably would have done: chosen the direct route to Wernigerode.